TAEKANG Ltd. was established in 2007 TAEKANG company focused on research and development to develop new products and improve quality . Our company produces various parts manufactured specially equipped vehicles (crane boom or base structure, parts machining , etc.) and the attachment ( Scrap Grapple ).

Despite the short period of time and we are registered as suppliers of the famous brand specially equipped vehicles are recognized for superior technology height, Cutting , bending, fusion bonded , has developed the whole process leading to the production of a structure assembled into a complete system capable of processing company built its own production .

" Customer satisfaction is the best technology! " Depending on the management philosophy of the spirit of the best yeokjisaji a customer until the customer is satisfied He clung to power more dedicated ethics , win-win business, committed to social responsibility will become a company that TAEKANG the trust of customers. Stay tuned constant challenge TAEKANG companies.

Always preach the unchanging word of thanks to the support and encouragement We look forward to your love and attention.